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Mamadou NDIAYE


Graduated as Financial Economist, Mr Mamadou NDIAYE has over twenty-five years of experience at the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) in the aera of control and supervision of the banking sector and microfinance.

He held several positions of responsibility, particularly, Head of the Credit Institutions and Microfinance Institutions Department at the BCEAO National Agency for Senegal and Head of the Regulation of Credit Institutions and Decentralized Financial Systems Department at the Financial Stability Department of BCEAO Headquarters.

Mr NDIAYE holds a Master's degree in Economics, a Master's degree in Economic Policy Management from the University of Auvergne, a Post Graduate Degree in Accounting, Finance and Tax Audit and a Degree from the Institut Technique de Banque (ITB) in Paris. He has been a lecturer for several years in Banking Regulation, Banking Accounting and Monetary Policy at BCEAO training centres (COFEB and CESAG).
In September 2014, Mr Mamadou NDIAYE has been appointed by the Senegalese Government as Technical Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning of Senegal in charge of monetary and financial matters.
In this capacity, he chairs the National Financial Stability Committee, the National Financial Sector Assessment Programme Monitoring Committee and the National Balance of Payments Committee.
From January to April 2017, he served as Provisional Administrator of the Federation des Caisses du Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal by Decision of the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Planning. He also represented the State of Senegal on the Board of Directors of several banks and national companies. He was raised in 2017 to the rank of Knight in the National Order of the Lion by the President of the Republic of Senegal.

At Community level, Mr. Mamadou NDIAYE, served, between January 2016 and April 2017, as Chairman of the WAEMU Committee of Statutory Experts, in charge of examining and issuing a technical opinion on the issues on the agenda of the WAEMU Council of Ministers.
He represents Senegal on the Conseil Régional de l'Epargne Publique et des Marchés Financiers (CREPMF) since September 2016 and has been appointed President of CREPMF for a term of three (3) years as of 1 May 2017.