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Jean Pierre Lacombe

IFC’s Global Macro
Jean Pierre Lacombe is the Director of IFC’s Global Macro, Market and Portfolio Research Department in Washington DC, providing to IFC’s management, operational departments and external clients with applied macroeconomics research, sector/country risk evaluations and strategic asset allocation recommendations on emerging markets and global industries. His team also conducts empirical and fundamental economic research to gain insight on long term trends affecting investments.

In addition, his team works hand in hand with the Corporate Portfolio Department to provide a risk based approach to understanding portfolio trends, to quantify the impact of current and projected country/market developments on the portfolio as well as to build an asset allocation framework. Previously at IFC, he worked at Corporate Portfolio Management Department, and Central Equity Department as well as the Corporate Strategy Department.

Prior to joining IFC, Jean Pierre spent 15 years in the private sector, working for Johnson & Johnson, Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital in New York, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo and London.  During his investment banking career, he headed institutional and proprietary trading in foreign exchange, fixed income, equities and derivatives for Latin and Asian emerging markets. 

Jean Pierre has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Operations Research from Cornell University and Finance from MIT.