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The Role of Local Currency Financing

Presentation by

  • John Gandolfo,
  • Vice President and Treasurer, IFC

Real Estate - Financing via the Capital Markets

As other JCAP economies, WAEMU is facing large needs to modernize and expand its real estate markets, including for affordable housing that remains dominated by self-construction and for which access to finance is limited. Yet real estate markets are essential to develop economic urban growth, create jobs and provide social safety. What role could capital markets play, notably through those three promising avenues: (i) secondary mortgage markets, (ii) REITs, and (ii) green housing bonds? What are the key success factors?


  • Christian Agossa,
  • CEO, Caisse Régionale de Refinancement Hypothécaire
  • Edward Kirathe,
  • CEO of Acorn Housing, and Chairman of Kenya REIT Association
  • Rob Wesselo,
  • Managing Director, International Housing Solutions South Africa
  • Hicham Elalamy,
  • Director of Development Division, Autorité Marocaine du Marchés des Capitaux (AMMC)
  • In conversation with:
  • Loic Chiquier;
  • Senior Financial Advisor, World Bank

How to Attract Issuers – A Fireplace Chat with Forward Thinkers

WAEMU’s non-sovereign capital markets count 45 listed companies, 16 outstanding corporate bonds and 3 securitizations. While this number has been relatively static in the past years, there are trends emerging that may provide an opportunity for growth. Among others, SMEs, financial institutions and infrastructure companies are searching for ways to (further) finance themselves via the capital markets. But what are the best instruments to scale those trends? And what regulation needs to be in place?


  • Felix Edoh Kossi Amenounve,
  • Nandini Sukumar,
  • CEO, World Federation of Exchanges
  • Leonce Yacé,
  • Managing Director, NSIA
  • Karim Hajji,
  • CEO , CSE Morocco
  • In conversation with
  • Anne-Marie Dias Borges ,
  • Senior Journalist, BBC Business

Coffee Break

Workshop Series – SMES, Financial Institutions and Infrastructure Companies

A: SME Financing

SME’s play a critical role in global economic development. They are the engines of innovation and new job creation and yet they find it difficult to obtain financing. Could capital markets be part of the solution? How would that look like?


  • Felix Edoh Kossi Amenounve,

  • Nandini Sukumar,

  • CEO, World Federation of Exchanges
  • Jose Peschiera,

  • Superintendant, SMV Peru
  • Dédée Ba Gueye,

  • CEO, Technologies Services
  • In conversation with :

  • Ana Fiorella Carvajal

  • Lead Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank

B: Financial Institutions

Capital markets bring significant advantages to the banking sector, including by reducing their risk exposure, improving their capital structure, and providing them with an ability to expand their product and business lines. How much of these advantages do WAEMU’s bank already use? Which new opportunities can be explored?


  • Leonce Yacé

  • Managing Director, NSIA
  • Brock Hoback,

  • Executive Director, Lions Head Global Partners
  • Javier Paredes

  • Partner, Analistas Financieros International
  • Cesar Goyache,

  • Partner, Mainspring
  • In conversation with:

  • Souleymane Traore,

  • Former IFC Principal Investment Officer

C: Infrastructure Financing

SOEs remain one of the largest infrastructure providers in the world. At the same time, they have increasingly struggled to secure the long-term and largevolume funding required to finance their projects. What role can debt and equity markets play? And what should be the next steps for WAEMU?


  • Karim Hajji,

  • CEO, Bourse de Casablanca
  • Marc Giugni,

  • Deputy Managing Director, Société Générale
  • Hoda Atia Moustafa,

  • Head of Regional office, MIGA
  • Ababacar Diaw,
  • CEO, Impaxis Securities
  • In conversation with:

  • Anderson Caputo Silva,

  • Practice Manager, Long Term Finance, World Bank Group

Closing – Translating Words into Action

Given the challenges and opportunities, what are the three key priorities for the market? What concrete actions need to follow and what can we expect for 2020?


  • Mamadou Ndiaye,
  • President, CREPMF
  • In conversation with:
  • Jean Pierre Lacombe,
  • Chair of J-CAP Steering Committee, and Director, Global Macro & Market Research, IFC

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  • In partnership with:

  • Société Générale, BVRM, OMFIF, IFC & CREPMF